About Us


RV WOODS® has nearly 50 years of combined experience in supplying and installing high quality timber flooring. The company’s credibility is further recognized by its membership in the National Wood Flooring Association (USA) and Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA).

As a direct importer, manufacturer and installer of sawn and finished timber products, RV WOODS® caters to the home and retail property market, working closely with homeowners, developers, architects and interior designers.

It is renowned for its proven reliability and expertise which are complemented seamlessly by its reasonable and affordable pricing as well as excellent personalized customer service.


Our Mission

  • To enhance the aesthetic values and bring the warmth and unique charisma of natural wood flooring to your home.
  • To be a reliable, customer-focused timber flooring advisor that guides our customers every step of the way to achieve their dream of having the perfect wood flooring for their home.

Our Services

Our Personalized and Customized Services and Solutions

  • Importer and Manufacturer – RV WOODS® imports and manufactures a wide range of timber floorings using soft, medium to heavy hardwoods. The flooring are available from light to dark colour tones and a variety of wood grains and textures.
  • Expert Installation – Our timber floor boards has all the faces and edges sanded smooth for perfect fitting. In addition to hardwood flooring, installation solutions include hardwood deck, hardwood ceiling, wooden door panelling and decorative wood moldings and skirting.
  • On-site Consultancy – We provide professional and personalized consultancy services to our clients both before and after installation. This is to ensure our clients achieve the best results from our flooring solutions.


  • Strong Support Team – Our team consists of installers with many years of experience, capable of handling all types of wood flooring installation and able to advise customers on how to overcome any wood flooring challenges.
  • Guaranteed After-Sales Service – Unlike other contractors, RV WOODS® guarantees excellent after-sales service to help customers deal with any issues that could occur after installation.
  • Speed of Delivery – We understand that any delays in delivery could be costly to our customers. Hence, RV WOODS® operates on strict deadlines to deliver customers’ order promptly and speedily.
  • Customer Comes First – At RV WOODS®, our customers’ interest is of utmost importance. With our personalized attention, our customers receive the best ideas and advice towards a beautiful and long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Maximise Your Investment – RV WOODS® is committed to help you get the most out of your investment by providing the best in quality and service to our customers from all walks of life.