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An Innovative Infusion of Turkish Charm Into Your Home

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A Strategic Partnership with AGT Turkey

We are proud to present our partnership with AGT Turkey, a leading global brand and manufacturer in the furniture components including laminated flooring. This collaboration enables us to offer highly innovative, environmental-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing HDF flooring for your living and work spaces. AGT Turkey is one of the world’s leading companies and manufacturers of furniture components including wooden panels and laminated flooring. Ranked among Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises, AGT’s products are exported to approximately 90 countries across 5 continents. AGT is well-known for producing contemporary, award-winning, environmental-friendly, high quality products that add value to customers’ living space and life through technological innovation. With a state-of-the-art 450,000 square metres production facility, AGT is well-equipped to meet international demands for its wood products.

Why AGT chose to collaborate with RVWOODS® Sdn. Bhd.

In recognition of RVWOODS® solid reputation and expertise in the timber flooring industry, AGT, an international company, has chosen to work with our company as their strategic partner in Asia. Founded in 1999, RVWOODS® is the top choice for solid timber flooring solutions provider as we deliver quality products, excellent customer service, and strong technical and advisory support. We are a ® trademark registered company that is committed to bring the best in timber flooring products for our customers through collaborations with international brands.

Capture the Turkish Charm in Your Living Space

AGT is reputed to produce environmental-friendly, modern and award-winning products based on creative technological innovation. These products are designed to enhance customers’ living and work space. The Grande Step Laminated Flooring is AGT’s HDF (High Density Fiberboard) flooring featuring 12 alluring colours. It is engineered for long-lasting durability and can withstand high humidity, making it the perfect choice for indoor applications of homes and work spaces in the tropical climate. The company adopts stringent manufacturing processes to ensure consistency in high quality, safe products that exceed customers’ expectations.

For more information on AGT, visit https://www.agt.com.tr/


Simplicity is the key of happiness. Add a simple touch to your happy memories with Siena of Grande Step.


A little walk on the beach always gives you peace. With Grande Step Laminate Flooring Lotte live this peace at your home, now.


For the lovers of diversity. One of the most loved decoration material Bamboo was the inspiration of Cordoba.


The merging line of mountain and sky will be spread over with the Lugano decor of the Grande Step, to your feet.


Thousands of color are hidden in the nature. Milano takes its decor from the stones that defy the years. A suitable choice for your home.


A hazy weather reflects the glory of the nature. Just like the nature of Porto.


Mysterious plants fascinate with its colours. The decor of Verona will amaze your guests.


Red sky of the valley is a reminder of sunset. The most beautiful spot for watching the sunset will be your home that will be coloured by Rubio.


The nature offers endless gifts to us. Offer a gift to your house with Morella that inspired by nature.


Every natural beauty has an unique colour. Discover the difference of your home with unique decor of Genova.


Once a classic lover, always a classic lover! Meet with Portofino. The colour that reflects the nature the best. Open your doors to the nature.


Inspired by river that have crossed all obstacles and found their way. Torino will be a great fit for your home with a strong stance.


Thickness difference between elements mm EN 13329 t average < 0.50mm, t max-t min < 0.50m
Resistance to abrasion cycle EN 438 Cycle > 2000
Squareness of the element, Q mm EN 13329 q max < 0.20mm
Length of surface panel, 1 mm EN 13329 1 < 1500mm, 1 difference < 0.50mm, 1 > 1500mm, 1 fark < 0.30mm/m
Width of surface panel, W mm EN 13329 w average diff, 0.10mm, w max-w min < 0.20mm
Straightness of the surface layer mm EN 13329 ≤ 0.30mm
Surface smoothness EN 13329 Fw concave < 0.15%, Fw convex < 0.20%, F1 concave < 0.50%, F1 convex < 1.00%
Gap between the elements, 0 mm EN 13329 0 average < 0.15mm, 0 max 0.20mm
Height difference between the elements, H mm EN 13329 h average < 0.10mm, h max < 0.15mm
Surface stability N/mm2 EN 13329 AC3 ≥ N/mm2
Scratch resistance N EN 438  > 3.5N
Armchair wheel impact cycle EN 425 25.000 Devir. No change of damage in appearance
Furniture leg impact EN 424 There should not be visible damage
Resistance to hot containers class EN 13329 Class 4
Resistance to cigarette fire class EN 13329 Class 4
Resistance to water vapor class EN 13329 Class 4
Resistance to stain class EN 13329 Group 1 and 2 : Class 5, Group 3 : Class 4
Swelling in water for 24 hours % EN 13329 < % 18
Density kg/m3 EN 232 850 – 900 kg/m3
Twist resistance N/mm2 EN 317 > 40 N/mm2
Elasticity module N/mm2 EN 310 > 3500 N/mm2
Tensile strength N/mm2 EN 319 ≥ 1.2 N/mm2
Size mm 8 mm * 193mm * 1200mm (Thickness * Width * Length)
The dimensional value of the laminated floors
after being expose to moisture
% ISO 24339 ≤ 0.15%



Low Medium High Low Medium High
Abrasion classes 21 22 23 31 32 33
Average abrasion value > 900 > 1500 > 2000 > 4000 > 6000


The surface is coated with melamine resin that has Aluminium Oxide to provide a stronger surface and to aid as a protective layer from scratch marks, stains and moisture penetration.

Paper Decorative layer, which gives different alternative colours and designs to the flooring.

High Density Fiberboard. It is resistant to water, moisture and insects. HDF board is grinded and mixed with resin glue and is packed with high pressure.

Balance Paper
The balancing film provides dimensional stability to the board and to protect floor against humidity / moisture.

Colours may vary in digital and printed catalogues. Please compare with the actual products at the sales points.